Windermere, FL – Regional Psychiatry was founded in 2019 to work with individuals and determine the root cause of their mental illness symptoms using lab work and medical management. For in-depth diagnoses, the facility coordinates care with primary care physicians, and other specialists to improve overall outcomes.

Since its inception, Regional Psychiatry has been instrumental in treating acute symptoms and combating the body’s inflammatory response that results from years of stress and trauma. This has been possible thanks to a team of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and other practitioners, who are highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in creating personalized treatment plans that improve patients’ overall health and wellness. 

Other than determining the root cause of a patients’ symptoms, Regional Psychiatry restores functionality and minimizes medication dependence to help them regain control of their lives. While the team focuses on a patient’s social, biological, and psychological level of functioning, they are also committed to educating, guiding, and empowering their patients on the impact of stress to the nervous system, impact of trauma on overall health, natural remedies, homeopathic interventions, unhealthy life choices, and many more. 

The board-certified psychiatrists believe that medication is one of the tools that can help a patient heal. For this reason, they provide non-rushed diagnostic evaluations, coordinate with other specialists, and work together with the patient to create long-term treatment plans. 

Regional Psychiatry specializes in psychopharmacology, a method of treating mental disorders using medications including, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, stimulants, anti-anxiety medications, and more. With the knowledge of the tremendous advancements in research and development of psychopharmacology, the team continuously educates themselves to provide safe and effective treatments.

The psychotherapists at Regional Psychiatry are trained in cognitive, supportive, behavioral, and mindfulness-based psychotherapy to help patients take control of their lives and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping mechanisms. This service is for patients with PTSD, addictions, mood disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and other mental health problems. 

Weight gain can decrease motivation, energy, burnout, inflammation, and create sleep disturbances worsening mental illness and leading to more medication dependency. Regional Psychiatry works with patients to create a healthy lifestyle through nutrition planning, sleep hygiene, and exercise. They also provide interventional treatments to promote healthy weight management that reduces inflammation naturally. 

As an Orlando Psychiatrist that promotes holistic wellness, Regional Psychiatry also specializes in integrative practices that encourage independence, wellness, and resilience. They include medication management, mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, emotional freedom tapping, and alternative modalities to mental health, an approach that has earned the facility many 5-star reviews and positive testimonials.   

To schedule a consultation with Regional Psychiatry, call 407-462-1254. They are located at 9100 Conroy Windermere Rd, Windermere, Florida, 34786, United States. For any inquiries about the services they offer, visit the psychiatrist’s website. 

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