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Boston, MA – People under investigation or facing arrest by law enforcement need legal guidance and insight from a lawyer passionate about protecting their rights, reputation, and freedom. Boston attorney Frank Fernandez has over 25 years of litigation experience in complex criminal and civil matters ranging from state district court issues to federal conspiracy cases. As a former prosecutor, he listens to a client’s charges, outlines options, and gives information needed to understand what to expect, so they make informed decisions about the representation. At the Law Office Of Frank Fernandez, Esq., clients receive honest, compassionate, and integral services with regular case updates and open communication, eliminating frustrations, misunderstandings, or manipulation.

Individuals who are non-US citizens but live as permanent residents with temporary visas may face deportation or restricted entry with criminal charges. Many immigrants plead guilty or admit to criminal charges without understanding the consequences of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). Recently, immigration and state law enforcement agencies began communicating and working closely to pass information about new arrests to deport criminal defendants who have committed serious offenses. Fortunately, Attorney Frank Fernandez works with the Latin community and has represented people facing immigration consequences. While immigration law is complex, he can build a case for the court using unique legal strategies. 

A criminal sentence for OUI/DUI and drug, federal, theft, and violent crimes may include probation by an officer assigned to the defendant. Probation conditions range from drug testing, weekly/bi-weekly reporting, counseling, and other terms a judge deems reasonable considering the facts and offense. When facing a probation violation, having Attorney Frank Fernandez at the hearing when the officer presents proof/evidence, a client can understand their terms, sentences, or additional consequences. 

Law Office Of Frank Fernandez, Esq. facilitates criminal appeals in higher courts for convicted defendants to see whether their constitutional rights were violated or the judge failed to follow proper evidence/procedure rules at trial. As an appellate attorney, Frank Fernandez reviews trial transcripts to discover if it was fair and error-free. Post-conviction appeals and motions for new trials depend on new evidence, ineffective assistance of counsel, and constitutional rights violations. Additionally, the attorney handles default warrants for clients who don’t show up for court or fail to comply with all conditions. Click here to learn more about their Boston office

Attorney Frank Fernandez is bilingual in Spanish and English, enabling him to serve clients across the communities of Boston. He previously worked as a District Attorney in St. Louis, MO, litigating various criminal charges. He leverages his experience to collect evidence, negotiate sentences, interact openly with his peers, and find legal solutions that represent clients’ interests. Visit the firm’s website to book an appointment, or call 617-393-0250. Law Office Of Frank Fernandez, Esq. is at 185 Devonshire St, Suite 302, Boston, MA, 02110, US. 

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