Trying to navigate the various phases of retirement comes with a straining dose of difficulty. Some of the challenges people who are retired, or on the verge of retiring face, range from paying for health care to saving money to maintaining an income stream to support their lifestyle. These issues are complicated enough and adding divorce can make it overly complicated. 

Divorce at any stage in life is painful. However, during the retirement phase of life, the financial constraints a divorce can cause are overwhelming. While one is expected to remain optimistic, it would be detrimental to overlook the place of preparation in the advent of certain negative situations. To help retirees and intending retirees grasp the nuances of financially preparing for divorce during retirement, Fragasso Financial Advisors, in collaboration with Goehring, Rutter & Boehm Law, is offering a free webinar.

The upcoming webinar is titled “Gray Divorce: The Complexities of Divorce during the Retirement Phase of Life.” It will feature informative sessions to equip participants on preparing for divorce as they transition into and during their retirement phase. Couples considering divorce at this stage of life typically have much larger assets at stake than those divorcing earlier in their careers. This webinar promises to highlight those complexities and even how to establish a post-divorce budget so that retirees can be adequately prepared in an event such as this. 

Regardless of a person’s preparation for retirement, ensuring they do the right things to prepare for their retirement, a divorce can shake things up, especially for those so far along in their careers. During the webinar, the facilitators will help participants identify areas that require extra attention such as taxation rules, potential vesting schedules associated with retirement savings accounts and stock options, and other joint assets like a business.

Speakers at the “Gray Divorce: The Complexities of Divorce during the Retirement Phase of Life” webinar include Mallory Labik, a Financial Advisor and Planning Analyst at Fragasso Financial Advisors, and Lea Anderson, a Shareholder and Mediation & ADR Business Law Expert at Goehring, Rutter & Boehm Law. The webinar would be a Zoom meeting, and it is slated to hold on November 3, 2021, at 11:30 am EST. 

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