E-invoicing developer Storecove has developed an e-invoicing API that allows companies, service providers, and government agencies to integrate e-invoicing processes into their existing software and ERP systems. Storecove believes that this approach will enable higher company growth, improved cash flow, and efficiency for the customers of the connected software provider. Moreover, the integration enables connectivity with other international e-invoicing networks, which ensures that connected software providers are in compliance with the global e-invoicing regulations. 

According to the developer, organisations require e-invoicing systems that fit around their existing software solutions. Firms and government agencies do not want to replace their existing stacks crafted over many years just to add e-invoicing functionality. Instead, they require ad hoc options that sit alongside their existing solutions. Storecove’s API satisfies this requirement by integrating seamlessly with current software, adding much-needed modern invoicing features without the need for architectural changes. 

Dolf Kars, founder and CEO of the company, explains that the brand is targeting a broad audience with this innovation. “Not only do we offer help to large enterprises, but also to ERP systems and integrators all over the world,” he says. Storecove is appealing to both the Asian-European market and clients in the USA, plus some locations further afield. Its products enable both e-invoicing and PEPPOL network features customers can quickly implement within their own software. We convert invoice data to whichever format is needed on the other side. Customers just connect once to our RESTful JSON API. Automatic format conversion is one of our USPs and a huge advantage and time saver to all users.

Storecove says that its e-invoicing portal has the ability to replace traditional paper and PDF invoicing. The process of digitisation “simplifies the entire invoicing process, reduces risks, and eliminates costs”, the company says. With this software, bookkeeping systems can automatically read invoice data and match it against contracts and work orders. Organisations can also receive delivery and payment status information, allowing authorised stakeholders to view the current accounts receivable situation. 

Overall, Storecove hopes that the solution will bring a host of organisational benefits. By eliminating the need for paper and PDF invoices, the brand says, “e-invoicing virtually eliminates all lead and lag time”. It also helps firms comply with Asian and European regulations on invoice structuring. For instance, Storecove’s API facilitates Directive 2014/55/EU that lays out the precise government invoicing layout in the European Union. 

Storecove’s software also provides connectivity to e-invoicing networks worldwide, including PEPPOL. This feature allows organizations to automatically comply with required invoice technical specifications. Currently, the system is mainly in use in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore but is expanding to other parts of the world.

Storecove is member of the U.S. based Business Payment Coalition and helps promote greater adoption of electronic business-to-business (B2B) payments, remittance data, and invoices. The Coalition’s wide-ranging goal is to make B2B electronic payments more efficient across the end-to-end process, that is, to achieve straight-through-processing across both the procure-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles.

For more information on Storecove and the company’s e-invoicing API, please visit https://www.storecove.com. Dolf Kars is available for comment at dkars@storecove.com or +31 (0) 20 261 1791.

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