Fitness is a condition of well-being and physical fitness and, more importantly, the capacity to do various parts of physical activities, jobs and sports. Basically, physical fitness is achieved through regular moderate-to-vigorous activity, proper nutrition and adequate rest. However, some people take the opposite view of fitness which is that if one cannot move around very much, it does not mean he or she is physically fit. Therefore, one’s definition of fitness could be relative to one’s own desires.

Fitness is an important determinant of longevity and all other aspects of physical health. Most doctors believe that good cardio-vascular fitness is the key to longevity, and physical fitness has been found to be highly correlated with life span. As such, it is important to incorporate fitness into one’s lifestyle. Some general tips on how to become fit are listed below.

It is important to first consult with your doctor to determine your personal level of fitness. For instance, if you smoke, quitting would improve your fitness. Similarly, if you are overweight, losing weight should improve your fitness. It is also important to keep in mind that general fitness and health are very different from one person to another. Therefore, if you wish to be fit, you should try to find a fitness program that suits you best and one that you can stick to without being bored.

One of the most significant aspects of keeping a physically fit body is through a regimen of regular exercise that includes resistance training. Resistance training increases the amount of calories being burned and improves one’s metabolic rate. A muscle-to-fat ratio also plays an important role in improving one’s health and fitness. An effective way of increasing one’s muscular mass is by performing resistance exercises.

Another aspect of fitness that should be remembered by an athlete or a person trying to remain fit is the proper use of bodyweight exercises as well as the use of high intensity workouts. There is a great difference between these two types of workout. When it comes to physical fitness, a person should do aerobic exercises such as jogging, cycling, swimming, or even dancing to improve his/her stamina. On the other hand, to remain fit and to be the fittest athletes, an individual should perform intensive workouts involving the use of bodyweight such as weightlifting. High intensity workouts improve an individual’s muscular endurance, muscular strength, muscular power, and bone density. In addition, high intensity workouts also help an athlete prevent injury and stress.

The concept of bioelectrical impedance has been further developed by James G. Hamilton, Ph.D. who is currently a professor at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Hamilton has extensively researched the relationship between bioelectrical impedance, muscle health, body composition, and fitness. His findings have been incorporated in many bioelectrical impedance exercises that were developed to help athletes train for different sports and to maintain the right body composition when exercising.

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