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               Welcome to GI Journals Magazine!                  

GI Journals Magazine is dedicated to all American veterans and their spouses and families who have served their country in wartime or peacetime, whether overseas or stateside.

GI Journals publishes stories of U.S. veterans and their families who served.  Every veteran, spouse and family has a story to tell about military service, whether it be in the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy,  Marines, or Coast Guard.

Pictured above right is the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of GI Journals Magazine, which is now available to subscribers.





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Share a story about your life

Send us a short tale about a memorable event in your life in the military service, at home or abroad.  Send your story or story idea and photos to Digital photos should be sent in the highest resolution possible. Stories submitted may be published on this web site or on other electronic or print publications. By submitting your article and photos, you grant permission for their use as described above. Articles may be edited for length or style. Please see the "Contact us" page for more on submission guidelines. Thanks for telling us your story!

If you know of someone else whose story should be told, please let us know. We may contact that individual for an interview.


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